Welcome to the 1. Tiroler wood museum.

1. Tiroler Holzmuseum und Holzschnitzerei – Auffach Dorf 148/1 – A-6313 Wildschönau

Important information

25 Years 1. Tiroler Holzmuseum / 45 Years HolzSchnitzerei Hubert Salcher (information)

 Times of opening 2024-2025:

Summer 2024:19 Juni to 16 October:
Wednesday - Friday: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Last entre at 4.00 pm

Winter: 2024-2025


For groups of over 15 people we will open outside of regular opening hours like museums. A reservation is required. info@holzmuseum.com


 Entrance Fee

€ 15,00 per person.

Free entry and exit to children under 1 m! 

Discount (€ 3,00) with following bonus map:
WildschönauCard and many others.

For information, go to the section Bonuspartners

Entrance fee for groups of 15 people (reservations required, info@holzmuseum.com)
During business hours € 12,00 pp
Outside normal opening hours € 15,00 pp

It is possible to create a private tour led by the woodcarver Hubert Salcher.
Duration tour approximately 40 minutes Price € 3,00 p.P.

Dogs (unfortunately) do not have access

Exhibition the Matchstick

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Workshop sale and woodcarving

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Theme ‘Holzweg’

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1. Tiroler Holzmuseum und Holzschnitzerei
Inh. Hubert Salcher
Auffach Dorf 148/1
A-6313 Wildschönau

(0043) (0) 6643803212